La Bella Fonte Galleria



La Bella Fonte Galleria

"The Beautiful Fountain Gallery"


We are a family owned and operated small business with family history in Grenada, MS.

Owner: Miranda Lynn Slade (Fonte) is the wife of Stephen "Bryan" Slade and the daughter of Sam Fonte and Patricia "Lynn" Cutts (Fonte). Miranda has two daughters, Breanna Bess and Brittany Bess. Bryan has a son, Corey Slade, and a daughter, Kaitlyn Slade. Miranda's father, Sam Fonte (deceased), was a former police officer in Grenada, MS. He was the son of Jim and Frances Fonte. Miranda's mother, Patricia "Lynn" Cutts (Fonte), is the daughter of Earl and Lucille Cutts. Miranda was born in Grenada and graduated from Grenada High School.


Earl and Lucille Cutts

Lynn and Sam Fonte

Lynn and Sam Fonte


Jim and Frances Fonte


B n M

Miranda and Bryan Slade



Breanna Bess


Brittany Bess


Corey Slade


Kaitlyn Slade

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